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Motohiro Fukakusa Shihan

8th Dan Aikikai, Japan.,

President of Aikido Association of Thailand

Chief Instructor

Fukakusa Shihan is honoured as the Father of Aikido in Thailand.

He has been in Thailand since 1964 and was one of the first faculty teaching

and demonstrating Aikido thoughout Thailand, which was first introduced in 1961.

In 1975 Fukakusa Shihan established Aikido Association of Thailand and held the office of President of the Association since then. All of his students have rights to be members under the Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan and the International Aikido Federation (IAF). 

Fukakusa Shihan established  ‘Renbukan Dojo’  in Nov.26th, 1998  as the practicing center for all members.

He is also appointed by the Aikido World Headquarters to be a  caretaker controlling teaching techniques throughout Southeast Asia. Moreover, Fukakusa shihan frequently travels abroad to conduct seminars and is invited to be an instructor to airline crews, law enforcement, military of Thailand and various countries.

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Nishimura 3.jpg

Sadao Nishimura Shihan

7th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Deputy Chief Instructor

Suwanee Paekhao Shihan

6th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

Gen.Danai Yuwaboon Sensei

6th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

Kanin Ampaipan Sensei

 5th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

Natthaphat Ingsakulsomboon Sensei

5th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

Worapot Benjanart Sensei

 4th Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

Pisut K.jpg

Pisut Kriangburapa Shidōin

3rd Dan Aikikai, Japan. Instructor

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